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  1. The former Los Angeles Lakers star was travelling with four other people in his private helicopter when it crashed north-west of Los Angeles, the City of Calabasas confirms.

  2. China's National Health Commission says the ability of the new coronavirus to spread is strengthening and infections could continue to rise.

  3. The US President gave the order to remove then US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, halfway through a dinner at Trump Hotel, according to a video that has surfaced.

  4. Gardens are dead, people are skipping showers and water quality is worsening. ABC analysis finds the towns most at risk of running dry.

  5. ABC journalist Giselle Wakatama and her six-year-old son were at their local swimming pool when she became the target of racial abuse.

  6. Paul Viney told the NSW special commission into ice how he lost his million-dollar home and his business and ended up in prison because of the drug.

  7. Shocked witnesses describe how a woman "shovelled the lamington into her mouth" before having a seizure and dying at an Australia Day eating competition in Hervey Bay on Sunday.

  8. There were some nervous moments, but the world number one survives to fight another day after a gritty three-set victory over the plucky American Alison Riske on Rod Laver Arena.

  9. A million Australians head to Bali every year, so Indonesia's Government has put together an ambitious new plan to develop 10 other idyllic beaches, mountains and historic towns into your next holiday destination.

  10. Long before she met the driver whose careless actions cost her husband his life, Melissa Tana knew what she needed to do. Her reaction when they finally met surprised them both.

  11. The Australian Government is working with Chinese authorities to get Australians out of Wuhan, the Chinese city dubbed 'ground zero' in the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

  12. The first day of Federal Parliament for 2020 will be devoted to mourning those who died during this summer's bushfire emergency, while also paying tribute to the work of the nation's emergency services and volunteers.

  13. Linda Royal's family escaped the Holocaust under true, incredible circumstances — but she's choosing fiction to get their saviour's story out into the world.

  14. If it feels like the days are zipping by too quickly, spare a thought for the dinosaurs, whose days were even shorter. That's right, when dinos walked the Earth, a day was only 23 hours — and it has to do with the Moon.

  15. Nick Kyrgios tried to do a ball kid a favour at the Australian Open, but got a time violation for it. So what are ball kids expected to do for players on court?

  16. Neil Abbott is happily married, but he is still on the hunt for his perfect match — such is the life of a phillumenist, or match collector.

  17. ACT Young Australian of the Year Madeline Diamond takes to the stage at the Australian of the Year awards in Canberra with "climate justice" emblazoned across her chest, a move she hopes will inspire and empower other young people.

  18. It's the music industry's night of nights, but how well do you know the difference between the major awards at the Grammys? Find out which award means what and check out the nominees.

  19. Nick Kyrgios and Rafael Nadal's fourth round Australian Open meeting is a match of speed versus stoicism, historical success against undeniable style, and possibly even the future opposed to father time.

  20. Leading Melbourne's Australia Day parade was a "very emotional, huge honour" for four members of the Mallacoota fire brigade who travelled from the far east of the state for the event.

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