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  1. Australians could face two-year jail sentences and fines of up to $25,200 under proposed laws that limit the use of cash to $10,000 — a move some groups argue would create an Orwellian state.

  2. Baby Bridget is America's Gammy. A surrogate child no longer wanted is left behind in Ukraine. Samantha Hawley tells a very personal story for Foreign Correspondent.

  3. The United Kingdom says it will stop rules which allow citizens of European Union nations to live and work freely in the UK if it leaves the bloc on October 31 without a deal, in a move which critics say will leave millions of people in limbo.

  4. These days, inheritances generally don't arrive when people are saving for a house or trying to raise a young family. There is little justification for taxpayers subsidising them, write Owain Emslie and Danielle Wood.
  5. Police divers find the girl's body in a dam near the family home after hundreds of people joined a search of the property on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

  6. Despite being struck on the neck by a bouncer in the second Ashes Test, Steve Smith was given the green light to bat on, in a move brain injury charity Headway says was "incredibly dangerous".

  7. The Antarctic Treaty bans military activity but the Defence Department is looking at implementing technology with both civil and military uses.

  8. BHP shareholders enjoy a $15.4 billion windfall from the sale of US onshore oil and gas interests, as profits surge thanks to a stronger iron market and lower remediation costs from the Brazilian dam disaster.

  9. Opposition education spokeswoman Tanya Plibersek says that marks to get into teaching degrees are getting lower and lower. How does Fact Check mark her on her claim?

  10. The Papua New Guinean Commerce Minister says the country is seeking direct budget support from Australia to help fund infrastructure and fight corruption.

  11. A whistleblower reveals the NSW Government employed a sex offender to investigate complaints of medical misconduct and fired employees who uncovered the staffer's past.

  12. A Salvadoran court acquits a woman accused of homicide after giving birth to a stillborn baby in a toilet in a case that drew international attention to the socially conservative nation's strict abortion ban.

  13. For months, Hong Kong's billionaires have remained silent on the protest movement, but as house prices fall and the share market tanks, the city's elite are demanding that order be restored.

  14. Bidding on the 1939 Type 64, designed by Ferdinand Porsche, is terminated after confusion caused by the auctioneer's accent saw a $US17 million bid registered as $US70 million.

  15. If Steve Smith needs to overcome any psychological hurdles caused by his Ashes concussion, he need look no further than his coach Justin Langer, writes Clint Thomas.
  16. Beijing's municipal authorities are asking citizens to vote on what local 'uncivilised' behaviour should be outlawed, and what kinds of punishments the city should dish out in response.

  17. As the congestion issue in south-east Queensland brings traffic to a grinding halt on major roadways and a heightened scrutiny of the public transport system, the ABC takes a look at how commuters are being impacted across the region.

  18. The Queensland corruption watchdog orders an investigation into two Workplace Health and Safety officials accused of misusing their "authority and powers" to help CFMEU officials gain access to a worksite.

  19. The singer lashes out at "malicious" reporting of the couple's decision to fly to France on a private jet, saying he paid for their flights and feels an obligation to protect them from the press intrusion "that contributed to Diana's untimely death".

  20. While others have been evacuated from the crowded desert camp in north-east Syria, Radhia and her children are still stuck, writes Letta Tayler.

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