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  1. The testimony of Mohamed Noor's partner, Matthew Harrity, provides a firsthand account of the moment Justine Damond Ruszczyk was shot and killed by Minneapolis police in 2017.

  2. A 17-year-old boy is charged with the murder of Brisbane doctor Luping Zeng, who was gunned down in his garage in what is being described as a "crime of opportunity that escalated".

  3. Two dingoes drag a sleeping toddler from a camper trailer on Fraser Island off Queensland's coast, with the boy's cries waking his father, who then fought off the animals to save his son. The boy has been flown to hospital with a fractured skull.

  4. A strong cold front brings damaging winds, heavy rainfall and plummeting temperatures to Perth and southern WA, with thousands of properties blacked out and the roof of one home sent flying down the road.

  5. For Mr Shorten, Easter might act as an eraser to rub out people's memories of a scratchy couple of days in the first week, writes Michelle Grattan.
  6. A record number of Australians are enrolled to vote in the federal election, with 4 million votes expected to be cast before polling day.

  7. Police appeal for calm in Londonderry after a woman dies in gunfire as officers are attacked with petrol bombs and other missiles during rioting in a nationalist area of the city.

  8. We find ourselves in a "watershed moment in cultural history" says writer and comedian Ben Elton — and some past glories will never be recreated.

  9. The latest fatal crash on SA's roads prompts police to go into graphic detail about the accident scene, where one of the drivers was incinerated, in an effort to combat the spiralling road toll.

  10. The 448-page report into Russian interference does not paint the Trump team in a good light and gives the Democrats plenty of opportunities to keep digging, writes James Glenday.
  11. US President Donald Trump tried to have special counsel Robert Mueller fired and there's a "reasonable argument" Donald Jr violated campaign finance laws, the report found.

  12. It is expected to take crews months to manually chip away at the 105-tonne mass of solidified concrete that is blocking three sewers, while tankers will be used to pump waste to ensure no homes are flooded with sewage.

  13. Vote Compass data has found an unusually high degree of consensus on the ousting of Malcolm Turnbull among a population which can agree — it seems — on little else, writes Annabel Crabb.
  14. The "seavangelists" believe floating nations will "restore the environment, enrich the poor, cure the sick, and liberate humanity from politicians". But now they're on the run from the Thai government.

  15. The travel of the Coalition's and Labor's leaders during the first week of the federal election campaign shows the electorates the major parties expect will determine who forms government.

  16. Do you ever look up those long-range forecasts weeks ahead of a wedding or big event? You shouldn't. In fact, the accuracy of forecasts is far shorter than you probably think.
  17. London police call in extra help and cancel officers' holidays as they deal with rolling climate change protests that have caused transport headaches across the British capital.

  18. When you think of places a comic book hero might turn up, the tribal war shields of the Papua New Guinea highlands are probably not what springs to mind.

  19. Senior Constable Dan Adams is the only resident of Liawenee, a town in the very centre of Tasmania, mostly known for its cold weather.

  20. An Aboriginal woman in Katherine has been breath-tested in her own home by Northern Territory Police — despite officers receiving no complaint about her — and arrested for being in breach of a domestic violence order.

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