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Australian News

  1. Inside information from one of the world's biggest sports betting companies reveals the secret techniques to stop punters winning.

  2. Three firefighters are injured and homes are under threat as several raging bushfires continue to burn across NSW after another scorching day.

  3. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces House Democrats will move forward to impeach President Donald Trump by drafting articles of impeachment, saying the Republican president had "seriously violated the Constitution".

  4. Hand-held lasers are increasingly being used against Australian Defence Force assets, with military insiders blaming small Chinese maritime militia vessels for the dangerous tactic.

  5. The Australian couple who sailed Greta Thunberg across the Atlantic for the UN COP25 climate summit say people would be shocked to see how vulnerable the teen climate activist is.

  6. Celebrity builder and The Block host Scott Cam will take home more than $300,000 to spruik trades careers to young people, but the Opposition says hiring ambassadors "makes no sense at all" if TAFE budgets are being cut.

  7. Dr Naomi Wolf had accused Mr Taylor of making inaccurate claims about her time at Oxford University in 1991 during his first speech to Parliament. Then things stepped up in Question Time.

  8. The Federal Government didn't want you to know about Witness J. Here's the story of his secret trial, conviction and imprisonment.

  9. Scott Morrison announces a major shake-up of the federal bureaucracy that will see departments merge and senior leadership changes in a bid to overhaul service delivery.

  10. Western Australia is set to become the second state to legalise voluntary euthanasia after proposed laws allowing terminally ill people to end their own lives pass the Upper House.

  11. Amanda Spiers dropped her little sister Sarah off for a night out with friends in Claremont, gave her a hug and a kiss and said goodbye, never to see her again.

  12. A golfer resorts to wearing a surgical face mask, another complains of a burning sensation in his eyes and says he has not encountered conditions that bad while playing in China or Malaysia.

  13. The NT Government reveals it overpaid 14 politicians and hundreds of high-income public staffers while also owing $30 million in unpaid superannuation to thousands of public servants after the tax office issued a clarification.

  14. A man with multiple mental and physical health issues allegedly choked and nearly drowned a woman as she jogged in a Melbourne park.

  15. A nation-wide walkout by French public workers will halt most trains and planes, close schools and could wreak havoc on the streets, as the government warns of violent infiltrators.

  16. Liberal National Party leaders deny there are cultural problems among the Young LNP, despite revelations of another member coming under scrutiny days after three other Young LNP members were suspended over a racist video.

  17. This year, the Wilkes have scraped together the cash to install solar. But have they made the right decision? Find out if getting solar is the most affordable option for you.

  18. A man was tried and imprisoned in secret and we only found out about it by chance. This is how a trial can become so secret that the public doesn't even know it exists.

  19. The NATO summit left something clear: the leaders of countries that have stood with America for years see no reason to faithfully support Donald Trump, the way they once might have done for a US president, writes Michelle Maynard.
  20. A gang of men set a 23-year-old rape victim ablaze as she made her way to court in northern India, stirring public outrage and shame over the scourge of crimes against women.

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